λογω τιμησ επεισοδιο 19 φθινον οριακο προιον We are delighted to welcome you to Omilos Eksipiretiton (Servers' Society), a spiritual center created and operating with the aim to help everyone to be really well every moment in his life.

αχ θαλασσα μου σκοτεινη νικοσ πορτοκαλογλου αθεατος κοσμος ολες οι εκπομπες All these years in the Society we learn it, we see it proven in practice and we live it daily: there are neither dead ends nor unresolved issues.

αδιαβροχη θηκη κινητου κωτσοβολος φαλαφελ στο φουρνο με γιαουρτι Life is a miracle and that is exactly what we are called to experience.

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ανταγωνιστικό πλεονέκτημα κρι κρι φυτωρια θεσσαλονικη βασιλειαδη Serenity, happiness, harmonious flow and joy of life are not an "elusive dream" or something hard, distant or unattainable. To us this is the true nature of every human being and we invite you to discover it with us!

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  • Spiritual Healing Section

    το ρημα παίρνω στον αοριστο A great number of patients have asked for the Spiritual Healing Section’s help until today and have been completely healed from physical illnesses…

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  • Groups

    παγκρεας συκωτι ειναι το ιδιο In the Servers’ Society we learn the absolute interest towards everyone and everything, which teaches us to admire life!

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  • Seminars

    κοκτειλ με βαση τεκιλα In the seminars that we organize in various locations throughout Greece on “Spiritual Healing in our Life”, we give answers to questions that concern each one of us.

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